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All items on this page are up for sales. Prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars, SGD (Local sales Only)

Leave me an email at if you are interested in any of the following or a message on Facebook.

or Call/ message 9665 4683


2014 XFusion RV-1 HLR @ SGD 1000.00 with FREE Renthal Integra DH Stem. FREE springs (3, all bnibags)

 This is a lightly used ~2-3 months) of usage over ~175km in total. But has been tested out a week of actual mountains and a few good day runs up north where there are actually elevations worthy of such component. Not just little flat SG wayangs...

The stock steerer with silver crown has been exchanged with a black one for aesthetics reasons, not due anything wrong with parts.

Steerer length is 183 mm - way plenty for your adjustment on any bike. I was using a clamp on stem and hence the longer length steerer.

Stock installed med spring- -but will throw in 3 others ALL BRAND NEW (valued @ ~USD 120.00)

For the benefit of those who are not too tech savvy or need some help in setups.
This is a 26" model but I have fitted 27.5" wheel in there with clearance. By all calculation it would be ~3-4mm fork rake difference which would be negligible in real world condition for most people (so unless you are a pro rider where every micro sec counts)

Overall aesthetic condition: Pretty much new looking.. Minor light scruff at bottom of the carbon fiber guards.. yes that's what these are supposed to do. Protect the lowers so its all spanking shiny new still. Smoothness of fork/ seals.. come see and feel it for yourself.

For all manufacturer specs please see

Other reviews please Google
My take on it all here from measurements to setup and riding it...

Info given as detailed as possible because please don't "Bro" me for info that can be checked online nor negotiation of pricing. I always deal fair and never sell crap.

Last check this fork brand new is ~ SGD1400.00 without all the extras. Probably higher now due to strong USD. No I do not go to shops to buy my bike parts so please do this homework update yourself if you want to find out more.

Call or message Dennis @ 9665 4683

Oh and pic of the FREE RenthaL Integra stem...(for those that do not want this, price of fork+springs is SGD 900)
This stem alone is currently ~SGD1 178 before shipping on CRC (check 31 Jan 2015)

Dialled Bike Alpine (Reynold 853) Long Travel HT framesee pics here..
brand new shipped in  more than SGD $1K... quote me something nice.
Condition: Nary a scratch, pretty much brand new except for a little fray edge on 1-2 of the decals... build up hardly ridden and has been dismantled since.

Exchange Items


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tem: DSP Big Horn 30.9
Item: DT 5.1 rims Red
Item: 2009 DHX COIL 
Item: San Marco Selle ERA saddle
Item: Schwalbe Big Apple 2.35 tires 
Item: SOMA Major Walker track bar, 44cm C-C 
Item: Continental Vertical Pro 2.3
Item: 2008 Voodoo Bokor Frame 
Item: Diverse Titanium Coil DSP