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Friday, November 5, 2010

Sad Day

Official announcement of the demise of one of my favourite bike brand is out today.

If Samsung, Sony, Apple folds tomorrow, I probably wouldn't give 2 hoots...oh wait, maybe not Apple, just got an iPhone. I guess first thing that most Titus owners will think of are spares, replacements and warranties. Valid but  people who really are into their bikes, I reckon it would mean a little more than just these.

Its a shame, smaller dedicated companies that churn out good products are simply no match with the big boys. It really sucks to think that sooner or later, everyone will just have to be riding the same mass produced bikes, sticking little stickers and maybe anodizing some parts to stand out from the crowd. Worse of all, choices becomes limited especially when the dominating brands starts to veer more and more towards proprietary parts and standards that comes with their bikes or frame.

But I guess there really isnt much that can be done. Just like all the ma- & -pa grocery stores that's been wrung out of existence as obscenely large supermarts and hypermarks are swarming the landscape.

No I wont sell my EG...I'll just ride and when its time...this one kick-ass frame is just gonna be hanging somewhere in the house as a reminder of what a good bike should be.

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