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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Somewhat finished...

Not final but certainly way different from initial ideas.. yup yup, all those walls of pegboards filled with tools makes no sense. Why create the look of a bikeshop just because everyone else is doing it. Besides I started out with an almost impossible list. A full bike room in the middle of a 1200 sqf apartment without disturbing the minimalist "Zen" aesthetics of the rest of the place.

Overall I like it better now. Easy maintenance. Most things are out of sight but still within easy reach. Additional pieces of most often used tools nicely tucked in the 2 hand made wooden boxes from Thailand. Just need to clear out the "workbench" for a cleaner look once I get my lazy ass off the chair after typing this.

Update: Its been 9 months now... added another bike to the stable, a big FAT one, bled all the brakes and generally have been using the place quite a bit... Pros and Cons?

Ok my initial hunch is confirmed.. a display wall of tools in my setup ain't gonna do much good other than to tell people "its a bike work room"

My preference has always been to sequence things and go pick out the tools needed for the job. Once finished... it will be cleaned and packed away again. Common tools like hex keys and measuring tape are in the pockets or waist pouch.. Not hanging on some faraway wall when I need them most.

The bad? My "minimalist" theme in the apartment extended to  the bike room didn't work so well as things start to accumulate.

Ok maybe my de-cluttering effort has not been as thorough as it should be. Maybe I do need to build up something on one of the wall to hang the multiple spare forks and bigger items lying around now.

Oh wait...I entirely forgot about my "Hidden Frames Crouching Forks" compartment behind the front of this workstation... :)

And the lesser used bike stuff? Now I doubt any guests in the house would have guessed what they were actually sitting on...

... while looking at whichever 'art piece' I happen to choose to adorn the bare empty section in the living room that doubles up as a  3rd work area on bike stuff.

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