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Monday, July 7, 2014

Ride: Spike-O-Rama

While I don't really care for the King of Fruits these days but then when in season each year, I'll venture out on one or two rides to hunt out a couple just for old times sake.. After all how many activities are there in urban Singapore to bring back those childhood days.. picking fruits, catching spiders.. Seriously we are just so deprived around here surrounded by modern development and technology.

We thought Willy was hallucinating when he stared at the tarmac and said "Watermelons!"
OK it was some just starting to grow melon-lets but yea it is melons indeed. Seeing all of these again brings me back to the primary school garden where I had spent countless hours. We once tried watermelons. It grew but we never really succeeded in getting it all big and juicy. Maize, sugarcane sweet potatoes and many others were successful. Most vivid was the memories of catching ladybirds among those maize.. .red and orange "candies" among the sea of greens....

and Mr APM, no not Anti-Personnel-Mine but Accident Prone Man, Nik-- got stung by a scorpion this time-- and OF ALL PLACES near the eye!  In the foot yes but how do you get a ground dwelling Dromopoda to hit you in the eye-- So now we have a tree climbing scorpion up on a branch waiting for unsuspecting cyclists!

Nature 1 : Cyclist Jiro.  

...At least it wasn't one of those slender green tree viper.

Minor mishap on the way back.. Or maybe Lews was trying to show how to do a flat whip with minimal clearance over an entire pedestrian pavement.. Ok a little bruise hands and ego but at least his little Stevens sporting one of those elusive White Monarch RT3 is safely unbroken.

Me.. guess I am finally-almost-recovered. Shoulder ain't whining after so many months. Actually popped a few good ones along the way... Damn, with bunnies like Nik around, its hard to keep 2 wheelssticking to the ground.

As usual... dripping wet, enough if anyone needed to wring off a cup of cycling-shorts-isotonic juice from what I'm wearing... Just wondering along the entire ride what it would feel like when those 48mm wide Golem Minor wheels are back and plonked onto the bike...

Have to 'jio'.. the right people if you want to be errm... "fruitful".. Mystery dude here almost single-handedly accounted for our entire morning's result with precision scent tracking like some Iban tracker + knowledge of the best durian trees around...

Off for holiday next week-- hope the next wkend after I'm back is still Season of the Spikes...
The place we went to is quiet and a good spot to break out the Vargo stove for some caffeine brew too.

Its not about podium finishes, its not about personal achievements on a saddle.. some days we just need to kick back, have fun and cut back on those technical dosages... 

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