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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Prices Up Up Up

Is it just me still living in a cave and shuttling between home-work-and LBS. I havent done any shopping or even gone out to the malls for coffee in like err what? a gazillion years.

Prices of everything has just shot up. Coffee at Starbuck was over 5 bucks a cuppa. Hotel price checking for customer says all rooms up by at least 10-15%. Just what cost 290+++ a nite is gonna be 470+++ next year at Shang.

Wow! Ok lets just grab a loaf of bread cos wifey ain't cooking. WHAT! no change...yup handed out 2 bucks and normally there is change. I dont know how much, never bother to check but when nothing came back and I took a look at the tag....mmm reality sinks in, another price increase. Small and insignificant but transactions these last few days brought me up to date with the cost of living in Singapore.

Dang. Good thing apart from bikes, I don't really cue in on many other things anymore. Lets hope year end pay rise and bonus is in line with the cost of living.

Maybe its time to really sit back and enjoy the little things in life. Havent been out alone with a bike and camera. Tomorrow looks good, if only the weather holds out.

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