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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bike Shop Horrors Blog Articles..

Was just catching up looking through some blogs I follow and two article in a row has something in common. Horror stories of bike parts mauling and slop jobs done on bike. The first with switching brake for cable housing would be like walking into a 7-11 for a pack of condom and only realize later back home it actually contains sausage skins instead of latex. When you walk back the cashier can actually tell you "Same same can use one...just a casing only mah!" I really hope the mech that did that came from some old school "experience" where such swapping (not advised but) can sort of work back in the days of 5-6 speed cassettes and friction shifters and not out of convenience because the shop was out of shifter cables.

Yes, having been around long enough, I do remember there was a time where so long as a bike can move, its good enough. Singapore has come a long way in the last 30 years but there are still some that are left behind doing things the same way they did years ago. Wouldn't say its a waste of time, there's a whole pool of tips and tricks especially when it comes to doing up older bikes that can be learned. But with newer bikes, its better to wave a hello and move on to some other places for fixing things up.

The second horrror story on the Cannondale lefty, even just reading made me go "WTF!"
Had actually witness something similar years ago in a local bike shop seeing how some Chris King headset was being knocked out with a screwdriver and mallet. The bloody thing fell out off with a loud ping on the ground. The repair stand actually toppled and I was near enough to stretch out and catch the whole stand + bike contraption....wonder where the owner was then! 

The owner/mech nonchalantly remarked to me as if nothing has happened as I put the stand back upright, "Oh CK headsets are frigging tough". The look I gave him was one of disbelief at his attitude but he must have mistaken it for not believing what he just said and dropped the lower cups and bearings onto the ground to prove his point. Well to keep it short, paid for what I went to the shop for and was out in 45 secs.. Never ever went back there again, even if their inner tubes were a couple of bucks cheaper than anywhere else.

Glad I took the plunge to venture into bike maintenance and on those occasions where special tools or simply tools I dont have are needed, I only go back to trusted bike shops.

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