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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go "Green"

The idea of a military themed bike has been floating around for a few years. Somehow it just never work out for me. For one reason or another, things like the right colored parts are just too difficult to come by or simply don't exist the way I would like. Custom spraying everything is costly and never mind the fact that getting a good job done both in terms of quality and the final aesthetics is as good as striking the lottery.

First thing that comes to anyone's mind when the phrase "military themed" gets uttered probably brings out images of an overdone camo bike or some stealth black looking 2 wheeled contraption. Function over form has alwayys been my philosophy in building any bike. Nothing less here but the aesthetics would very well form a bigger part of the decision on what will go on there for this particular one.

Have always fancied the WWII era of uniforms and colors, archaic as these may seem but somehow they impart a certain quality that is just lacking in today's standard. Its just like propeller planes vs jets. I always preferred those noisy buzzers even when impressed with the latest jet fighter technologies. Being a WWII military buff there's definitely a certain sense of nostalgia when a "military" bike gets chalked up in my mental sketches too... actually that would probably explain the reason why the idea cropped up in the first place

One thing's for sure, no fugly digital camo. NEVER. EVER. And certainly not those horrid pink/white digital dits and dashes. Just never quite understand how anyone could even whip up some candy colored combo more suitable in a circus and market it as a camo print!

Ok.. its pics vs a thousand words, something with a color scheme of this era would appeal better...

And a frame with a nice olive drab was finally found the other day. Used but pretty good condition.
The bar is a little off but at least it still matches nicely enough

Already my mind is wandering off as the part list grows... "Field colors" or add a dash of parade shine??

Let's see what polished silver bits can be whipped up. There is still my 20+ yr old water-proof  trip flare container that would snuggle up nicely in a bottle cage to store keys, phone and a multi-tool. With a little DIY, I am pretty sure that  really old and seasoned brown leather bag would double up nicely as a rear saddle bag for a spare tube. Already derived on some rough idea for the drive train, part of it will look like things on a mechanized track assault vehicle but lets save that for a later post.

The final build will probably end up with some black hoops but if anyone that reads this and has a pair of these discontinued Sun Single Track in green camo in 32H to sell, just give me a holler in the email or comments. Thanks   (Oh and any nice ideas or links to suitably colored components are most welcome)


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  2. Fab's Cycle (Bike shop) brings in camo colored deep V Velocity rims, originally for the fixed gear market. But I'm sure if you do a little research... haha!

    Good luck!