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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'll just stick this up as long as I can before putting up another post.... spread the words around if you read them for the benefit of all that's riding around Singapore.

Unwanted attention....let's not draw them to places that already has outright "no cycling" signs, well known illegal trails. Its pathetic enough living in a 26 x 42 km long tiny island that is highly urbanized with little left in terms of nature and riding ground.

Maybe its it seems cool or have a wow factor for many to take pics or film around trails that weren't supposed to be ridden.

Maybe places "suddenly" get cleared and or have added features to allow something that wheels can still roll on as these places get trashed beyond recognition after thunderstorms or simply because of erosion over time. .... as a rule of thumb with non-sanctioned trails around the world..whatever it is, please don't mention names.

If things FARKS up and draws unwanted attention, NO one gets to ride.

Anyway, scenes of the same old places popping up again and again are simply getting stale, venture out of Singapore, get more experience riding elsewhere, loads of nice trails and features to take pics/videos; all prefectly legal and full of "wow".

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