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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Visiting-free Chinese New Year.... It probably sounds sad to many but seriously.. suits anti-social me just fine. No monotonous conversations from relatives you see once a year going "Wah your son is so big now" And I'm always thinking-- "Tiu. Of course lah... everyday eat rice, how to not grow big!"

Ride? Sure. Rare tarmac on Day 1 to recce new running routes and Day 2 was a Head Down Ass Up moment with Crank @ BT --think I heard a really loud clank from the clank somewhere at the rock garden...

Followed by yesterday's celebrating the End-of--Monsoon in my full beach bum regalia... Ok someday I'm gonna leave the bikes at home and bring my board to do some leaf surfing in the forest.

Why do I keep all kind of old unused/ useless bike stuff is really beyond me..

Bar ends? Yea... full-on dork patrol day. Remember  Pacific Blue? No biker worth his salt is ever seen without bar ends back in those days.

Broke out what's been lying in my spare bin for the last 15 years... pr of Club Roost saw 'em old alu down and plonk on to TUFA.... from last post... of course the equally aged Lizard Skin fork boot that resurrected into a Fu.m.Guard- Fugly.mud.Guard for the equally fugly (and prehistoric by now) GD post.

2 Good runs at Butterfly and managed some camera time today... video still in the edit so that will have to come later...
Twas playing tag with a couple of pretty fast dual squish... dry or not, TUFA still managed to murder everyone on the climbs and endless roots... that is until my arthritic thighs says no more chasing rabbits half my age...   and there were a couple of loud thuds again when I cased some log pyramids...

But on it cranks and I thought nothing of it except for some really grungy shifting feel... Yea chain looks seriously gooped up.

Back home while cleaning...

WTF! In just 2 months... Ok I batter ram through just about every sub 2.4 tire eating rock, stick and what not the trails could have thrown at me in this time... smiling as I left either dust or splatter in someone's face. Guess its payback time. I hate Karma.
 At  $200 a pop--I better go look for some tire repair kit before this sh#t goes really too FUBAR to salvage.

Haven't Q-tipped that much crap out from jockey wheels in awhile.  Next...

...Chain cleaned and ...AND.

Holy Mother of my Beloved Flying Salami... WTF have I done !

2 clean break off, 1 half gone and another chip. A fifth tooth was bent as well.

Ok.. relax.. think I have 30+ diff rings lying around.

Oh wait. Fk me!  No...

  Why , why Surly did u maketh thy cranks in 5-arm compact 58/94 BCD?

When everyone else is chugging happily on 4 limbs 64/ 104

Then again.... its a frigging Moonlander.. made by the same company that would rather die than be conventional. Yes, and I'm a fan boy because they stick their proud middle finger out at anything that's but unconventional.

Ok online hunting time again.. and meanwhile I'm always thankful for friends.. Should be able to get some old RF middle ring to tide me over.

Yup.. fat bike on a snowless tropical island spitting rock and wood bits with a chain-- I should have known better.  A bashguard.

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