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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Up to Speed

2.5 years back in riding and with a recent set up of a full sus, damn! I'm now sold on it! Trails just aren't quite what they are back then, Purpose built trails with rock gardens, drops and all the technical riding are asking for one set of gigantic titanium balls on a hardtail.

Forget light weight, its time to go for functionality. AM? mmm... the idea of it doesn't seem so out of place anymore. In fact thats the change my bike is undergoing. 2.1 to 2.4 tires, staying more and more on the 140mm travel than the 100m on my adjustable fork apart from climbs. Wide handle bars. Damn I am even considering bash guards and totally do away with the big ring on the crank. Just six months ago that would be taboo on any of my bikes. Oh did I mention Gravity Dropper seat post. Yea its money well spent. Ughh which cave was I in before...... good thing its not too late and guess there is a few good years of hard riding before I really need to slow down.

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