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Thursday, April 29, 2010

More space for bikes...

Living in small apartment is a serious challenge with an ever growing number of bikes and biking paraphernalia. As the kitchen area started filling up, one bike start to take up permanent residence in the living room. More started invading the kitchen and took up both walls, double and later triple parked beside each other.

Bike parts are worse, just open up about any cabinet in the house, some cable, a tube or a handlebar is ready to fall out. So I started cannibalizing the book shelves to store some parts

Even with boxes and boxes stashed away elsewhere....the shelves didn't last long before it started looking like a boneyard

and where the hell should I be stuffing these...

and these....

and these and all the spare wheels/ rubbers

Fine! Just have to make space....and literally making a whole cabinet
But add on a bike repair stand and more new bikes on the way...and of course more parts,

Tonite was time to cannibalize the storeroom. 1 trip to IKEA, returned with 2 racks and 3 bikes shoved into it later...

Looks like there is still more room to cram all the leftovers in the book shelves in there.

Everything in the house look less cluttered...but it wont be for long. Already toying with the next build of a street bike in my mind now.

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