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Friday, April 30, 2010


Probably nothing new to most that have been organizing their bike stuff but since the store was converted into a bike room, thought I might as well make the best use of space in there.

Anyway unused bars are beginning to become a serious clutter on my shelves. Takes up too much space and long bars have to be squared away diagonally. Reaching other components like stems and small bits is like trying to navigate through a minefield without setting off a whole chain of clanking bars dropping to the floor.

So...time for another el cheapo project.....Lar Sup Bars "Display" Board

Plastic corrugated board-- left over from a previous cheapie project for an aquarium cover.
A bunch of of pipe cleaner---remmants from my army rifle cleaning pack 20 years back)
Ruler, pen and a philip-screwdriver or something with a sharp point.

Mark, Punch, Thread

Slot in the bars...

Service up the knots at the rear (ok Im seriously anal, just short of making sure each knot is a quick release Bowline).


Who doesn't love freebies to buff up these DIY stuff eh! Yup free stickers from bike mags and those you snitch from friends :D. Adds a touch to things biking.

Hoist it up....and a whole shelf left to put other parts.

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