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Monday, July 12, 2010

Kiara & PJ Bike Park

...... Finally, a much needed break away from the monotony of local trails

Recipe for a weekend of good riding

Loads of sandy washout with
1 crapped out seat
1 bashed up deraileur
1 pair of torn gloves

Bring everything to a boil, add in swollen shoulder with a dash of facial cut.
Simmer  another 24hrs, sprinkle skinned knee for garnishing.

Add salted-riding apparels to taste.

All packed and loaded @ 9pm with 5.5hr drive ahead...the price for a weekend of good riding

Eastin Hotel : They must be used to bikers around here...  4am, wheels are allowed in the rooms but was told during the day we will have to shuffle out via the service elevator. I'm not complaining...

4:30 am : Downsizing my "mobile workshop" to the necessities for the 3hrs time.

9:00am : Stocking up time: There's trails for everyone from XC to DH but no food and water up there...

Push climb or drag at the halfway point. Mother Nature decide to give birthday boy a present; Bee Sting.
Nothing out of the blue, as usual 1 person getting the job done and lots of surrounding eye-power for that accelerated healing.

Some warm ups at the lower trails where everyone got lost in the loops and totally forgot about their cameras...

comes more pushing/climbing later.. and the real stuff begins. Super dry and 3/4 way worth of roots and rocks... As usual my camera is mostly forgotten saved for the occasional shot like this.

Oh...{ evil grin }  EG Rules!.... "Keep pushing u fat boys!"

This looks easy enough...

 then comes the 3/4 way worth of roots and rocks

Loads more off-camber turns thrown in for free...

Brief moment of still steep but less gnarly terrain

First to go after Ber's US(eless)T tire changing session
Wheee...drop, drop, turn.... 

...more rock gardens on the last third of the course


Ok...let's call it a day. Got my magazine cover shot...

Drop or Chicken?  ...alrite, let's chicken on the first run

... "hot on the heels comes Chicken No.2"

Chicken no.3 -- unmistakably Mas, must have forgotten he's got a FF strapped to the pack

Now watch how the pros do it. Straight in... full speed ahead.
(Friendly faces we met, practicing for the upcoming race later this month)

No biggie for these guys..7' gap to tranny and a pedal punch off the curb to finish up at the carpark

Pro dishing advice: Ber picking up tip from HC on spring rate and rider weight compatibility

 Next day... should have taken the full face even on the day before.

No more dismantling...all five bigger bikes nicely loaded for another day of fun.

Putra Jaya bike park: Looks too neat and "civilized". Where's the trails and DH lines?

Gravity Defying: 0.13 ton Jumping Bean! Where's the helmet?
Ok nevermind, excuse for once under 35 degrees C. heat

Time to move out to trails proper at PJ...

Let's put what's learned to good use... "Brake before turn, press that outside knee in"

Not often do we ever get to rail 180 degree berms like this so everyone just went again and again and again and...

Aftermath of my last run...testing the limits of the new rear Ardent 2.4. It held but fark it was the front 2.4 Rubber Queen that washed-out!

2pm: ...the result of pushing bikes with FF helmets under the sweltering sun

Part of the package.... 4 foot cobra getting some sun.

Guess it was too much fun for anyone to whip out the cam for the DH run at PJ...

Done! End of day 2, bashed up bike + rider made the way back

Pig out time: Triple dose of A&W + KFC seconds for the still ravenous.

another 6 hrs drive back.....and just in time for World Cup finals!

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