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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back -- on the bike

No better time to get back on the bike after a full rebuild. Yea that pretty much gets it back into the "brand new first ride condition" sans fitting woes as all the familiar settings and components are in place...well just about the same as this is the virgin ride on the new Vengeance Coil 170mm thats been sitting in the box for far too long.

Finally caught up with Chris whom I have exchanged much info online but so far has only been hi-bye when we see each other on the trails. Both our bikes are setup strikingly similar. With similar physique we just swap over  and was comfortable with each other's rig in mid trail.

Not the first Nomad I have ridden but this one needed not even a single adjustment and I have to admit it feels just as good. In fact with the tubeless and slightly softer suspension setup, I would say it has that advantage over my EG on today's spin.

As I was posting up this pic on FB it strikes me that it looks like a shooutout page on some MTB mag. Same class of rigs spotting different competing components. All it needs is one of us to switch over to the SRAM camp to make the picture complete... speaking of which that wouldn't likely be yours truly... die hard Shimano  since 1983.

Great ride.. sweltering 34 Celcius at the start that cooled off as tropical rain clouds came just as we finished up. More on the new fork later in its own review but -- nothing major to bitch about as we rode the mother of all xc trails around this island. Short steep technical climbs punctuating the whole way, with the Vengeance Coil 170mm A-C comparable to that of a 180mm fork... it didnt make anything harder than the 160mm forks I had before.  Bar height setup adjusted to counter the difference.

Best thing that happens today-- no mud smooching up my spanking new rebuild :D 

Sadly my wide butt seems to be having a major disagreement with the sleek Fizik Tundra that has been color matched to the hilt with the new EG theme. Not even my ultimate butt-saver, De-Soto Tri seat cover can mediate their quarrel. My butt wins-- the Fizik will have to make way, its back to the old time proven WTB Silverado for El Getsugatensho.


  1. It was my first EG ride, surprisingly similar to my nomad carbon in terms of geometry and confidence. I was surprised to witness the action of EG on steep climb with coil shock and 170mm coil fork! It would put many XC riders to same. Well, I think the rider played a part too but the hard evident changed my perspective on coil set up. Switch camp to SRAM is definitely not for me, the reliability and ease of maintenance are what I like about Shimano. Look forward to more rides on EG!

  2. Sorry pal-- it was unintentional poisoning. Both has its merit but my general preference would be coil on this heavy duty build. EG2 would get air treatment though.. sub 28lb if I can get it done.

    Tell ya what-- I shoot u more bike tips and u help me out with some photography matters... ;)