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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 Wishlist

X-Fusion Vengeance HLR Coil 170mm.
Still patiently waiting. Shouldn't be long before it appears in my goodie pile. It was a bit of a dilemma sorting between the new Coil or the new Air DLA version both making their appearance this year. In the end the coil wins.

Based on the kind of riding I do these days with more overseas trip with long 8-12 km descents, the coil makes more sense. On local rides, nothing fazes my current 2010 Vengeance HLR but on the really long descends and overheating in the air chamber, that's when I started wondering about coil forks. Not a fault of the fork but its just something any air suspension will start to get a hiccup with when the ride gets long and non stop working.

X Fusion HLR Air RearShock
 The "to DLA or not to DLA" was closely tied with this. The second piece of EG sitting in the storage now is awaiting a light weight built and having all kinds of options to make it a fast climbing bike

KS LEV Adjustable Post

Ok I gotten my DSP post right in the first week of the year and quite unexpectedly too. Been great so far and if its like some other components that I have come to appreciate and trust after long term usage, it would be a permanent fixture on my bikes.

Well the truth is I was eying the KS Lev post but till now there is no firm news when it would launch... not even the local distro could say for sure. 3 key things is immediate attracts any adjustable seatpost aficionado.
(1) a cable neatly tucked out of the way, which means no more annoying loop, cable rub and legs hitting cables issues.
(2) a much lower weight, which is said to be 460gm
I have some reservations looking at the closeups of whats on the web but nevertheless the 2 issues addressed still makes it reallysomething to lust for.

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