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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

X-Fusion Slant

Perfect timing! Yet another instance of a new major piece of toy arriving, only that I have a flight to catch in a few hours. It always happen to me!

Been waiting for this to drop ~550gm off the front of EG2.

Just like all my other X-Fusion forks-- I always get more travel than bargained for. The 160mm Slant came out to be.................................. 175mm!

First thing that came to mind is that A-C is farked!

Wait.... Put it against my Vengeance Air 160mm  (which actually measured out to be 165mm)
Almost the same A-C!  ???? WTF...  The stanchion is definitely longer... looked again-- but the lowers on the Slant is apparently shorter by almost the same amount "gained" in the travel.

Ok -- now its just a matter of the fork's stiffness as the total exposed stanchions are close approaching the 180mm level. ..

Got to pack. Red eye flight coming up so just a couple of pics of the new fork. Full review to follow next week

15 May 2013
Vengeance (rear) vs Slant, A-C +/-2mm


  1. Unfortunately, this is not how you measure the travel of a fork.

    To see how much your current fork can travel take the springs out and compress the fork as far as you can. The difference in length is the travel.

    1. yea i know its not always the entire stanchion being able to fully disappear into the lowers. Still for a 160mm rated, this is the first I have seen that comes up to much more @ 175mm exposed stanchions. I had removed the air and push it in all the way until there's ~5mm left. So theoretically its 170mm travel In real situation with air and the negative spring it probably will have ~1.25" left on normal rides except maybe on the hardest hits days which i doubt would be much in my case. Anyway its really the A.C. that matters to me which is fine as is with this fork now.

  2. Awww, wheres the rest of the review? I'm considering ditching my Vengance for a Slant on my EG also. Its either the Slant or the Pike.

    1. Injuries holding me back on riding the EG. Taking slower rides on my other bikes for now. For a short summary, not much complaint on the Slant. The compression damping works fine for me (~175lb loaded riding weight) which is critical as there aren't compression adjustment on this fork. So for much lighter or heavier folks I can't say if it works as well. I'm bias and would still like a 20mm TA but frankly for general trail riding, the tad less stiffness is negligible and it might also be partly due to the 34mm stanchions vs the bigger Vengeance. But dropping that 450gm off the front definitely makes it a different beast from before..