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Sunday, May 4, 2014

El Guapo

EL Wadever: "Big, Fat, Small, Tall, Limpeh ride them all"-- the bike say one.. not me hor.
5 years and 9 days since the first ride... bikes come and bikes go but not this one.
The recent builds and changes to the quiver is a nice distraction but still... the EG stands.

4 forks, 5 shocks and a ton of posts, saddles, stems, bars and rubbers. 11 distinct configurations anywhere from "XC" to "DH" or as close to each of these disciplines of riding... THE ONE f'cking bike that rules them all.

Ok back to being a nondescript trail rig and even spotting a rigid post for now... till it gets called up for various riding duties once again...

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