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Monday, March 21, 2011


Crap and Crappier starring Anvil --- yup that was some Friday for me... If only there was a camera crew, I could be replaying the frigging day on TV now.

9:30 am meeting  begins with a dash to the car in the pouring rain at 8:45. Not that I mind but I wasn't exactly in my usual mud-o-philic cycling garbs. Half a wasted day and a pile of mails needing evasive non conclusive replies that leaves me wanting to practice Bruce's one finger punch at the monitor at every  "Dear XXXX-whoever-the-hell-u--are-that-I'm bloody-replying-to" afterwards.

6:45pm -- Breaking my [6:01 Rule] by 44 precious "me-my-time"-minutes...finally off to the car.. WTF no familiar beep of the alarm unlocking after applying a sadistic dose of thumb jabs on the car key alarm! Not Again! Total effing flat battery-- and the handphone batt at critical 4%. From having plugged into the charger over night but never switching on the damn plug. Oh screw me! Rush out for the meeting and the headlights were left on since morning. Yea Willy was of those days u want to attach a spur to the shoe and lift it to one own's behind. Forcefully too.

Crap quality jump cables from colleague's car resurrected no dead battery of mine....Frantic scrambling and fumbling for the right number, called and waited..... and waited...

...Ok tow truck's finally here. Might as well hitch a ride nearer to home. Workshop is probably closed and collection will be tomorrow but at last a change for better luck---- mechanic was just about to call it a day when we arrived. Quick fix with a new batt, tested, wiper, power window, alarm..and a $160 bucks poorer, finally home for cold dinner.

11:50 pm Screw this shit---its weekend, time to prep the bike. Oh but screw and double screw me. Seized chain! Nice little present from Momma Nature from all the unwashed muck of last weeek.


  1. ahhh... One of those days...

    The next day HAS to be better! Onward!

  2. A quick, fast forward, for the month of March is what I need :D

  3. whoa, sounds like a crap of a day.

  4. Well march is coming soon! We shall go marching on...

  5. Biting down the last of crap Mar, languishing in some crap hotel now.. Been doing a lot of theoretical corrections and reflections, sure can use a dose of good riding to see it it all works or just my warp brain at work these few days :D