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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Time to dust off the Soma... and make a few long overdue swaps. Back to the Nitto Randonneur. Monster 62t ring swapped to a spanking new and shiny 53t salsa. Rear has gone back to a 16t WI. Gonna miss the feel of the 18t trials freewheel :( Not much of a choice...ratio on the 18 with a 53 just overspin too much on the generally flat terrain around Coastal on those night rides. Need the most optimal gear-ratio if I hope to catch up with the bunch that's just gone faster these days.

EG is up for some changes too.. A Vector HLR rear doesnt seem to be materializing. Decided on a Dueler instead. While waiting for the piece to arrive....meantime slap on a t-loan and gonna test out both the 400 and 450 lb spring I have with me this Sat.  Thot the DHX was "perfect"-- not so sure now after  a cursory ride on the Dueler tonight. But not making any hasty decision, only a few proper trail rides later will tell.... oh please fast forward to Saturday.

No more ugly blue ano knobs, piggy cylinders or other stray ano hues Finally a true black-silver steed with just a minute amount of red accented bits spread out in the right places.

Jul 2011... back to the SOMA tweaks... lesson from the EG = reduce reach. I really just am not so lanky and tall!  Tange zero setback post. Nice blingy bling


  1. What happened to your orange EG?

  2. It that a fixie?

  3. Orange EG still in storage.. havent build. Its more of a spare frame

    Nah..not into the fixie culture...its an SS running WI eccentric hubs

  4. oic, you must have to spin fast with just one speed!

  5. Errm. actually I don't. Somehow just havent gotten my saddle position and reach correct-- crucial for spinning well.. so its lots of meashing till now..