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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Time to dust off the Soma... and make a few long overdue swaps. Back to the Nitto Randonneur. Monster 62t ring swapped to a spanking new and shiny 53t salsa. Rear has gone back to a 16t WI. Gonna miss the feel of the 18t trials freewheel :( Not much of a choice...ratio on the 18 with a 53 just overspin too much on the generally flat terrain around Coastal on those night rides. Need the most optimal gear-ratio if I hope to catch up with the bunch that's just gone faster these days.

EG is up for some changes too.. A Vector HLR rear doesnt seem to be materializing. Decided on a Dueler instead. While waiting for the piece to arrive....meantime slap on a t-loan and gonna test out both the 400 and 450 lb spring I have with me this Sat.  Thot the DHX was "perfect"-- not so sure now after  a cursory ride on the Dueler tonight. But not making any hasty decision, only a few proper trail rides later will tell.... oh please fast forward to Saturday.

No more ugly blue ano knobs, piggy cylinders or other stray ano hues Finally a true black-silver steed with just a minute amount of red accented bits spread out in the right places.

Jul 2011... back to the SOMA tweaks... lesson from the EG = reduce reach. I really just am not so lanky and tall!  Tange zero setback post. Nice blingy bling


  1. What happened to your orange EG?

  2. Orange EG still in storage.. havent build. Its more of a spare frame

    Nah..not into the fixie culture...its an SS running WI eccentric hubs

  3. oic, you must have to spin fast with just one speed!

  4. Errm. actually I don't. Somehow just havent gotten my saddle position and reach correct-- crucial for spinning well.. so its lots of meashing till now..