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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fleet Carbon-Jiro....Pugsley joins the stable.

Its been more than a year after the idea was mooted. Finally got there with the Battaglin SPX sold...  all I know is that a Pugsley is busting the seams of my quiver...collecting in 2 hours time.

Can't decide what kind of configuration this fat rubber beast will be taking on... quick search on the web shows so many things one can do with it. Maybe its another round of doodling all over again. Project Rigid-Do-It-All with 3 or 4 "hot-swap" config judging from all the components at my disposal... Titec H-Bar, single speed stuffs and pretty sure some custom fenders will make its way to my "bike junkyard" soon  :D

But here is the official Anvil Zero-CarbonFleet


  1. Nice fleet! I have added you on my links page! Thanks for the posts! I look forward to the different builds off the PUGS!

  2. Definitely a pleasure linking you!

    I really miss off-roading now hahaha... If I see your bikes on the trail I will be sure to give you a shout!

  3. Its never too late to get back into the mud and slush

    You could probably spot me on the roads..oh maybe higher chance on the pavement :)