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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ride & Raw

Maybe things are just winding down or I have come to a new appreciation of things in life. Bikes and writings about bikes.. just aren't so much on about how epic things have recently been or what new super duper toys I-have-you-don't-have-that-money-can't-buy (but yea, having said, one is coming up as soon as I can get off my tardy bottom and talk tech again).

Weekend double rides had been a constant for a few weeks now. Zero point One Ton (Z.POT) has made tons of improvement on the trail.. bit by bit the adjustments are all getting there to optimize his ride and climbs.

Since we were grocery shopping before the ride, might as well throw in an extra 500gm of sake (salmon). Courtesy of Mr Z.POT
After today,  we might just start planning for a full course esp when Accident Prone Man, Nick is around for another ride...

Stupid me... whip out the spanking new Trangia impulse buybut the Wiseman in my head quickly reminded me... "He who packs a stove...must bring fuel". Guess it's Sashimi no sencha today!

Have enough pics of my bike taken... but here's how a 26" front looks on a hardtail. I'm sure thoughts are going on in someone's mind "Nah that rear has gotta go... maybe a new frame is needed. Oh wait the Piglet fits!"


and since this was a theme ride of sort...highlight of the day. LIMPEH!

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