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Sunday, December 16, 2007

...well all the new changes to setup and dry runs at TP yesterday for today's ride... guess what....SNAFU on my part. The whole handling felt weird, increasing 10 psi on the rear shock and terrain being a little slippery should not have produce tha lousy ride feel....hhhmmm. I put the frigging fork on lock out all the time and realize only when cleaning bike after the ride. Damn! Set the lockout on low threshold blowout which explains why I didn't realize it then. Still I have to say suspension sensitivity isn't something high on my awareness level.

Got a nice little clip of me coming down the rocky slope at trail end though. As usual quality of phone cam sucks! Actually so crappy I wont even put it on and link it here. Well that just fuel my latest interest in getting a helmet cam.

Group foto hijacked from Gordon's cam on

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