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Saturday, December 29, 2007

A great century roadie ride just before Christmas and to gorge ourselves further, it was offroad in Ubin the next morning. Running both 2.35 front and rear didn't seem to impede rolling in anyway. Bonus? the Rampage clears mud pretty good. Looks like I found a good alternative to the xc firepro after all these years. Durability ranks high on my cheapo-must-last scale factor, so that is the only thing left after performance appraisal of the new rubbers.

Latest changes include a WTB Rocket V saddle. Somehow the Gobi just didn't feel right under the bum. Lets hope this is final, I'm sick of changing seats.

Next on my goodie list - yea a MET Parachute helmet. Like all other items that I don't buy on impulse....this was a carefully weighed decision. Nope the Motolite is (a) not a downhill bike,
(b) not a hardcore freeride bike,
(c) I'm too chicken-shit to even attempt any of those things
associated with (a) and (b).

So why the full face helmet? Well lets see...
(1) my current helmet is smelling like week old unwashed crotch
no matter how I wash it [lets hope new padding helps].
(2) Since my last big crash 2 years ago.. though saved by the
Selev Atom, somehow the normal helmet designs leaves me feeling
vulnerable from the head down.
(3) The MET parachute fits the bill of additional protection and
looks damn good.

ok..fine fine just more excuses to justify blowing $$$ on more biking stuff.
Oh I have tried to cut cost too... riding jerseys are just getting so damn expensive... nike drifit and adidas climacool would do just fine for offroad I reckon.

But to anyone looking towards something like the MET Parachute as a full face helmet for hardcore stuff-- read the reviews, no it is not intended for those purposes.

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