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Saturday, December 8, 2007

no shorty for now

oops, rode the bike out to change out the pedals. with the change of stem, it felt like an oversize bmx with the wrong geometry. I could hardly pull a bunny hop with that 50mm stem length and 10 degree rise. For now its back to my old trusted Thomson 110x5.

Are those new pedals great. For all the platforms with spd I have tried like the M646 etc, the clip simply pops out too much when you don't want to clip in, making for one very unbalanced platform where the spd pivots upon one small area of contact on your sole, leaving the feeling of being more on a micro see-saw than a platform. The Wellgo WAM-D10 is a different story, out of the clip, flip it to the flat side (without the spd mechanism) the feel of the platform is solid with 8 screw studs even while wearing spd shoes.

Can imagine when wearing flat sole shoes, that would probably feel like in my early BMX days with Shimano DX/ Suntour Beartraps. And if you position on the mid-sole, the cleats does not interfere at all with the pedals while the 8 studs solidly nailed onto whatever portion of rubber it may contact (depending on your shoe size, and I have big feet to grip enuf of them). Thats making me happy cos it meas no need for new shoes now.

This is the second of 2 of the best equipment invested after the Gravity Dropper. In fact I will be going back to grab the other pair left at the LBS.

Slap on a 2.35 Panaracer Rampage on the front. Doesn't look that wide but can feel it certainly takes up a larger air volume when pumping up. Looks good to run on the low 30s. Will know tomorrow after muddy Tampines.

Recent weight gain on the motolite? Well these are the changes, you do the math.

Pedals Now: WAM-D10 @ 517gm per pair
Pedals before: Xpedo Ti-Ti @ 198gm per pair

Tire Front Now: Panaracer rampage 2.35 @ 750gm
Tire Front before: Panaracer Fire XC Pro 2.1 @ 580gm

Seatpost Now: Gravity Dropper 4"-drop with remote, 350 x 27.2 @ 528 gm
Seatpost Before: (super old) Thomson Elite 410 x 27.2 @ 235gm

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