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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Picture of my FoOt !!!

Die die had to watch the latest episodes of Naruto and Bleach .........that makes for one late morning. By the time I got to Tamp trails, the guys were done and heading out for breakfast. So much for testing out new equipments Bah!

Anyway saw the mud on the bikes, guess I'll give it a skip and just hit BT tomorrow.

On the way back I stopped by at the reservoir to give the new tire a roll and see the changes in going over roots and uneven patches. OK here's the deal, fat tire ROCKS!!!! I love the Rampage. The front suck up half foot high roots without a squelch and no dead zone even when the tire was immediately turned, something that just wasn't the case with the old 2.1 fire xc pro. The Nevegal 2.1 rear was kinda weak by comparison but the rear shock took care of things. Still it looks like another 2.35 is gonna make its way to the rear of my bike. And surprisingly the threads on the 2.35 Rampage rolls a lot better than other skinny tires. Side knobs aren't as aggressive as the fire xc pro but the natural rubber compound is pretty tacky. Will have to see how it does in mud tomorrow.

The riding and rolling pressure of 32 psi in the Rampage felt more like my usual 38 on the 2.1 which means that I could down it to sub 30 and have better feel and traction and still should not feel it too draggy.

Never been one that believes in those sub 400gm condom of a tire but now it seems all my 2.1s will soon be history as well.

oh, and at the reservoir, there was this guy in running gear who ask to take a picture of my spd shoes. Thot he had a fetish or something, turns out he is collecting pictures of footwear and documenting people on what they feel do etc etc in different kind of purpose function shoes in attempting to write a book on the psychology of footwear on different people and what they do ......mmmmm. Interesting.
Me???.. I'll continue to watch videos for the rest of today.

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