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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Almost done

Here goes another writeup that's probably more for my own record of what's done that went wrong or right with the bike setup.

Having always advised others to do one tweak at a time to keep variables to a minimum, I didn't heed my own advise and changed too many things at once. Both to get that "perfect" setup while trying to get the looks "right" at the same time...and all in the areas that matter most to me.

Luckily my old logs have served well to get back to old settings when things went horribly wrong. Guess it was kind of like the XP Restore function.

One thing I never got comfortable was the slightly cramped position. from the ML to the EG, it has always been a small thing nagging at the back of my head whenever I'm out riding. Never thought much about straight and setback seatpost as the fiddling has always been with stem length and bar height.

65-70mm stem with no setback on post felt right without being crammed but handling on the EG just didn't cut it.

Bought the KS i900 adjustable post today as the Gravity Dropper just didn't feel right with the EG's 18 inch seat tube. Like it or not, the KS i900 came with 25mm setback. As I hated the cornering characteristics after putting on the Amoeba 70mm stem, I switched it back to the 50mm El Norte Prolite.

Now the position feels right and it was back to the crisp point-and-shoot handling from before.

I mulled on it awhile... yea basically I can do it 2 ways to keep the reach similar. Shift back up to 25 mm back on the post and use a 50mm stem or  run a 70mm stem mated to a straight post. ...........I like the short stem+post setback option way better.

Another bonus that came out of it which I still haven't figure out why......the rear felt just as plush but it doesn't max out the travel as much. Which is a good thing because I am ever worried about bottoming and maxing the rear shock.

Always thought the Fat Albert 2.35 was big. Couldn't resist the temptation when a friend told me he can't fit the new Conti Rubber Queen 2.4 in the rear of his bike. So I took over the rubber and use it as a front while swapping the FA to the rear. The tires itself now seem to have a separate suspension by themselves. The whole combo of tires and suspension simply moves the whole bike up another notch. Already when first setup, the EG made me do stupid things I never would have with the Motolite. Now I think I will get even dumber if not for the broken pinkie that's holding me back these few weeks. One thing left on the rubbers is to fit the optimal pressure settings.

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