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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Well, no secret around this blog my choice of suspension ain't the usual mainstream brands.

New Shock
The New Dueler with a lighter 350lb was dropped off couple of days ago. No time to get mounting hardware yet.. so the spring is now on my old Dueler temporarily... Anyway figured that would be good.. will try out both springs on both the old and new shock body and see what differences there may be.. Might just turn out either one of the combo, the old 400lb coil with the new shock or the old shock with the new lighter 350 spring could be the ticket to make rides tick better...

My new Vengeance Coil is barely 5 rides old and Im already "reserving" another piece that has even yet to hit production...

What has piqued my interest in the fork department is the momentum gathering around 34mm stanchions as travel gets longer for the 32mm chasis. While no weenie for the sake of telling everyone I have the lightest bike in whatever category of bike I'm building but if a functional lightweight component is available, I'll spring for it.

Going 34mm stanchion with a slight penalty makes sense as 32mm ones pushing longer and longer travels are just getting too noodly imo.

 X-fusion certainly aint just a follower this time around... No need to wait for Bushy Tail or any of the other big names to come out with theirs. Still far from being available but at least the prototypes are already out in their upcoming 2013 lineup. Click HERE

Of particular interest to me would be a stiff enough, yet light 160. The Slant looks to fit the bill  with the description " New 34mm fork that’s good for both 26″ and, like the Velvet, works with 650B by inserting a 10mm travel limiter. It’ll come in travel options from 80mm to 160mm with two different sets of stanchions depending on stock length. Longer travel forks will get longer stanchions and can run the full range of travel options. The shorter (slightly lighter) forks run from 80mm to 120mm. Shorter stanchions on the shorter travel forks save about 0.2lbs (65g). Claimed weights are as low as 4.0lbs (1814g) maxing out around 4.4lbs (1995g) with the DLA model (160mm to 130mm). "

And maybe, just maybe my next 6" AM  build could really be a sub 27 pounder... and still complete with a dropper post and big rubbers.

But first... this mess has got to be sorted out before I can have my full workshop going, which means... more bikes... more tinkering... more TOYS!

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