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Monday, April 16, 2012

Wet Again

Massive thunderstorms in the hottest months... would have thought the muck wouldnt be as bad as the full fledged rainy season. WRONG!

Lack of riding these few months sure isn't helping while fighting all the slipping and sliding around.
One 2 ride old rotor KO. Damn.... more $$$ flushed down with the mud hosed off from the bike after ride....arrrghh..

Concluded a couple of other things on "fittings and settings" though... especially so since I'm not really conditioned for rides but largely depend on getting all the measurements right to minimize aches and cramps...  maybe its time to really start penning all of it down afterall.

Not a usual sight at the usual end point. Hopefully its just a stray from the nearby resevoir that wont survive long here. Snakehead spp. are certainly bad news for the little resident school of T-barbs, Rasboras and the few sparse pairs of long beaks in this unique little pool.

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