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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saving a light

Many of us probably thinks nothing of junking away a little rear light just when it starts to get quirky and doesnt't function as intended since these are cheap mass produced products anyway.

Conspiracy theorists would probably suggest that each product has a marked life-span built into the electronics to fail so that you the consumer have to spend more of your hard earned bucks after a designated period of time.

Number of folks told me their Super Flash (and also other taillights) seems to go off or becomes dim even with fresh batteries...

Happened to mine... so taking off the cover, discovered its just the metal connector on the negative end getting a bit flattened and thus intermittently connect or disconnected as the bike gets jolted. Probably not news to many but....

its just a simple fix. Pop the connector up with a blade. Works like day one now.

Hope this saves somebody 20 bucks and the world has another piece of plastic trash less to deal with.

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