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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

E.riding reflections

Have not click here for so long, I actually forgotten that I had a bike blog!

Just read something on rebound testing on one of my better liked mountain bike blogging site from Germany and it got me thinking on similar things experimented in the past. By now my preferred suspension settings for different setup and ridings are pretty much fixed from actual exhilation of having that "perfect 1 with the bike flow" due to meticulous tweaking (and of course the lessons learnt from painful faceplants due poor setups and general tardiness of not prepping checking up the rig before a ride). .

Some days when penning a writeup, I do wonder if its worth my while or am I good enough to try and even write about it--did I dissect and analyse things wrong and in the process might have screwed up somebody's ride the next day because he was following the things I said? Reading something like this --its good to know there are others out there, like me, ordinary folks, trashing and testing. Not paid but simply for the passion of doing something one likes..

Really, somedays its not about winning races or how fast we ride-- its the curiousity of the human mind on how things work that binds people in different parts of the world under a similar interest. And in the process, when something is discovered, we are excited, wishing to share with more, or hoping for feedback that in turn help us to learn and progress further.

Ok time to get back to scratching out my Biking To-Do list that should start to see me back on the saddle in another month's time...

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