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Friday, July 27, 2012


Hopefully back on the saddle by this weekend... 100 days of renovation nightmare over. It time to get back on things biking.
Well for the first time... the luxury of having an entire room for bikes and toys but yet here I am, languishing, constipated for ideas....

Typical pegboard workspace with hanging tools?... Hmmm.. Nah... that's just so like everyone else...  

To stash the hoard for now... Yea, tons of storage space has been catered for just outside the bikeroom in case that alone wasn't enough. Ok who am I kidding... a biker telling himself that there will be enough space for bikes and bike toys!

Steeped in my fetish for multifunctional furnitures and storage solution--  its Transformer style as usual...
Who would have guessed huh :D
Sitting right on top of it all but I'm pretty sure the Missus has no issues with my bike stuff now.

Just getting the wall colors right for now... bikes (yes it's bikeSSSSSSSS not a bike) placement is gonna be another round of nightmare... Well if people reading still don't get what the fuss is about... Yup it just says Im anal when it comes to "getting everything right".

After a whole day of unpacking... still in transition. Badly in need of wood/ metal and whatever for the room buildup now

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