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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Repurposed Tool box

While emptying and packing things away in an organized manner, it led me to wonder what could be done with this.... not top end stuff, not really suitable as a good tool box and a list of other negatives. Yet being my usual self, I'm not inclined to throw away usable things that ain't too badly broke.

Arhh.. The New-Bike-Build Box...  its large enough to house all the individual components parts less the bulkies like frame, fork, hoops, rubbers and bar. On average 5-6 bikes/ year or more get built up and sometimes it takes a few months to gather component or just mometntum to build... what's better than one location with all the things nicely tucked away. When comes time... its just a matter of kicking out the bike stand and lay 'em up. Install and bike away... no more looking for that particular cassette for that special bike build that got lost in the hoard of toothy spares and usable ones..

Everything having a space of its own.

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