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Thursday, March 7, 2013


If you can't tell, this is another of my El Cheapo throw-it-out-not episode of DIY with old/ broken parts.

Grip no 1: Oury Lock On
The sticky excuse of a grip was in some seriously bad shape after being left out in the elements  on the retro Kona it came with. Luckily, save for these rest of the bike was ok, actually I would say in really excellent condition.

Grip No 2: Esi Chunkies
In my infinite wisdom and not considering the kind of attrition that can be wreaked during my biking vacation as opposed to the easy trailing back home... I changed out to the super comfy but offers zero bash and crash  protection ESIs right before the trip. Didn't take long- 7mins into Day 1 Run 1 and it looked like this.

Remember reading some where how old locks on are given a new lease of life but the moment the penknife went down on the Oury, I was seriously regretting it. Try cutting chewing gum that's been in warm water.

No cheapo self-respecting mountain biking science nerd would ever be beaten by some mangy grips. But this was really turning into a religious S&M experience as I would soon find out....

Those of you into playing kinky bedroom games don't need an introduction in how things turn perky with a little ice, So....

Changing up to a nice sharp blade after the rubber got all hardened up from the icing  finally gets most of it off the plastic body

That was the easy part. Now try reaming the deceptively soft cutesy looking ESI foam into skinned mutilated still sticky but bony hard carcass.. First the foam is meant to be fitted over a 22.2mm diameter tubing. The mauled lock on is a lot bigger with an even bigger lip on either side--measuring ~28mm at the widest.

The only way to get the foam fully over is to first pull the foam back into a rather errr anatomical shape...

...what came next reminded me of how a housemate, a med student, explained the going on during a VD treatment for males that involves some invasive sterile glass rod much like what the hex key is doing here...

 Icy anesthesia, surgery, epidermal grafting and reconstruction including ~ 2hours of superhuman effort tugging and stretching that contributed to the aggravation in my tennis elbow later...
another set of chimera grips is born.

And I realize-- they look, feel and grip just like one of those cheapie foam lock ons I saw on a beach cruiser the other day. Damn!

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