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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

...still running

Thought the ultra-marathon in 2011 would have been my last event when it was shelved last year. When they announce the Sundown Ultra for this year, I was simply too lazy by then. Just thinking of the training 10s, followed by 20s all the way up to a final run of 60-70km before the event was all the thoughts of running I need to velcro myself down on the couch..

....but run I did last Sun in a half marathon. Frankly I wouldn't have bothered signing up alone but bunch of us at the office were joined by colleagues from Indonesia and suppliers.

Certainly wasn't the best run for me. Damn, the run I did 2 evenings before felt a whole lot nicer
For the entire time I just couldn't find my rhythm. Not even after the usual 5-7km. Maybe there were just too many people....  12 000+ but its more likely because I havent slept. Woke at 9 am on Sat and the run started at 5:30 on Sun morning... That's my problem. Sleep!

It's little wonder in the past the only events I ever sign up for are Sundowns... because those either starts at midnight for the marathon or 6pm for the ultras. The goal is to get in, run and get the fuck out before the sun comes up and go back to sleep.....................

Thankfully it was only 21k... so the only break I took was leaning against a tree catching 2 minutes wink at the 16k mark before continuing. Knew the timing was gonna be was just a matter of finishing since I did manage to haul my lazy arse there.  2:23:10.Yea that really sucks.

Oh ... tuna sandwich with mayo before a long run is a bad idea.

Post run I say screw any of those calorie counting healthy diet. .... You don't go missing out on the sinful local delights at  OAP when within a 5k radius of that place . It's just unthinkable ;)

Wait! 5km radius!  Yea that's how far away I parked...Just how many time have you heard of idiots who park their car 5 km away from the starting point of a running event and do an extra 10km to justify a packet of cholesterol laden food!

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  1. Next time, you should go there with a folding bike in the trunk of your car so it won't be painful at all to park 5Km. away from the starting point.