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Friday, June 28, 2013

27.5... Really?

It has been getting to me too... while I'm totally not a 29er type due to the kind of riding and what I want to do with a bike, all the 27.5 talk would really seem like the rage.

Ah.. but given the relentless marketing BS that so typically plagues this industry... it's really looking like a mass conspiracy. A gathering of Big Boys at the round table cramming a new pie size down poor consumer throats....

Now don't get me wrong-- if you are in the market for new bike, the spread of "27.5" out there is quite a handful to choose from. From what I have seen, some are really good bikes too.

However it isn't all it is made out to be... techically its a  "26.9843"  NOT 27.5 as it is more commonly known now. 

When my bikes were running the biggest (tallest) 2.4 tires I could fit... Ardents and Rubber Queen -- it felt distinctly like a bigger wheel bike.. Hated the sketchy side knobs of the Queens and hence for the best part of 2 years was sticking to the Ardents... not perfect, wish the sides were a little beefier but they suffice for most of my riding as the overall extra float of a tall tire like this compensates by being able to run rather low tire pressure for my riding.. 

Guess I have to re-assess whether the need is for a new bike or simply because the thoughts in my head  is a result of all the swishing swirling marketing soup concocted by bike companies...

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