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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hazy hazy

Its all the rage on the island now.. certainly the unhappiness raging would be no less intense than the actual burning fires blown over from Sumatra that is causing the present misery.

That was last night when the PSI, Pollution Standard Index, reading was  321@ 10pm-- and that's just the highest for 3hr-average. Actual worst reading hit above the dangerously high 450 mark...

And  now-- Holy sheeeesh! I just checked the website stats and it really is @ 371!

When the haze started this year everyone was benchmarking against the worst year ever. 1997.
The numbers since last night has but surpassed anything experienced in 97'.  This year, 2013 is set to be what? the benchmark of the worst haze ever days for the next 10 yrs?

This is a total environmental goatfuck in the making. Slash and burn agriculture certainly has a part to play but there are no doubts in my mind that companies in the palm oil biz will be making their billions in the next few years... at a great environmental and social cost today. The bigger these companies are allowed to grow, the more they will be able to grease the pockets that then allow them to do as they wish in some fertilely corrupt environment. Looks like the worse is yet to come.

I had to smile at the irony.. the entire Singapore Arm Forces has put a halt to all the exercises and training.. Hmmm what's the point of having submarines and F35.  All someone need is to fan some flames across the sea to keep the entire defence force at bay. Hey for that matter not even our uber brilliant Ministers have a fcuking clue.

I can understand how some things are really beyond anyone's control but still not how they deserve million dollar salaries doing just about what any politician in any country does. ie. Doing Fuck All. Should have taken up Political Science back in uni.

Anyway back to bikes.. "new" cockpit settings all in place and tuned for trying out some new stuff on urban rides.. Gggrrrhhhh guess even the trails would be smelling like acrid wood fire by now. Probably have to shelf all riding plans for the weekend too. Wish I had taken leave and followed some friends up to PJ who are enjoying rides with sufficiently clear clean air... last heard the haze is moving there too.

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