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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Remote Ergonomics

Not that I normally go around trying hard to prove a point if someone replies on a forum contrary to  what I think about certain bike stuff.. but then sometimes when people goes outta way twisting words with "clever arguments", reckon some clarification is needed.

The whole idea of hybridizing a remote from one brand of dropper to the post of another is really about functionality and ergonomics.

Yes, when the original remote is installed on top of the bar it necessitates not just the thumb moving but with that movement it also makes my index (braking) finger leaves or at least shift position. Not sure how it affects others but once I have my one finger grip on the right spot on the brake lever. I would prefer not to be moving it around as much as possible.

Let the pics show...

If the original remote were installed with the actuation above the bar
Note the excessive thumb movement and momentary change in overall grip.

My preferred method. No brainer to determine how much lesser time and hand/ digits movement are involved.

More often than not, reaction time in the use of a dropper wouldn't need to be all that lightning fast. But for those last minute oh sh!t moments it was a quick drop that saved the day....

Certainly won't suit everyone as it can be seen there is no front shifting on this setup. if running one, then you probably need to be on one of those obsolete DCLs.

One other plus point- this minimizes crash damage to the lever... that I can attest to on my older KS950i that uses the same remote design as the LEV. Came down front firt hard and mangled up a couple of those real bad. One was pulled as it caught on some low branch and ripped the damn barrel adjuster.. But whether with a vee-brake noodle or using a flexy hose section... apart from the damage potential... its just plain fugly imo.

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