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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Boblbee MT Cargo

"The fanny pack, belt pack, belly bag, Buffalo pouch, hip sack ,hip pack, or bum bag, sling bag.." or watchawannanameit pack.

If anyone has been following.. this is another of my OCD in personalizing ride paraphernalias.
Been taking the contact-minimizing approach with packs further these days... 

...weaning off the usual hydration packs for awhile nnow and instead been relying on a waist pouch. Trying out for a few months on what I would eventualy need, types of adjustment and carrying options. but was unable to find something to fit the entire mental checklist...

Was searching and searching until......  yup, who else but  Dirty that Whatsapp over another poisonous picture of just about everything I ever wanted out of a hipster style bag complete with quick release harness.

Much like a military skeletal battle order which is of course very very muchie in line with me holy-waist-pack image. Yea, all i need now is to tape a field aid dressing to the shoulder strap and drop some camo sticks in one of its ridiculously numerous compartments ;)

Detachable (Velcro) waterproof pack for phones and other hydrophobic geeky gadgets on insides of main compartment cover. Main is also partially protected by splash proof plastic cover that can be removed as necessary. But this can also serve to slot your guards or whatever gears that need to be removed quickly without unzipping.

 Waist strap/belt that are conveniently tucked away when not needed

 When things get weighty on longer day rides... string up the webbing.

Ok ok.. apart from the military fantasy thingie..its still a must have. In my experience.. once total weight of pouch exceeds 2.5-3.0 kg-- u need some of the weight to be distributed over shoulder strap.

Some folks ask me then what is the point and might as well go back to just a backpack.
First, no sticky wet sweaty packs stuck to my back.. Better ventilation = decreased hyperventilation. Maybe not as pronounced in temperate countries but we are riding in tropical humid ovens over here most of the time. I also find that it helps to displace CG to a lower position which suits my riding style a lot better than hiking up carried weight with a backpack.

Good size and should be able to carry all I need for day long trip. Will be experimenting tonite with diff gear-packs and weight to simulate diff kind of rides

Yup, its even a handlebar bag. Thoughtfully designed with straps just for the purpose. Exactly what I need on the road on a long homeward ride after a full day bouncing on the trail...  those time when you don't need any extra thing sticking to the body but maxing out body surface area to benefit from any wind to cool you down.

20th Jul
Tried and tested... All good to go. Feels just like my old SBO. No it doesn't fit snug when you are seated as there is a tendency for the thing to ride up the body.  It doesn't slosh around though and once standing it all drops back down to hip level with the shoulder straps preventing further downward movement. Good enough even when launching off, didn't feel any side to side displacement.

Only bad thing-- I couldn't chug my usual portable pump in there. while the overall length is long enough but the 2 side compartments actually isolates and makes the main smaller than the actual ~14" Then again the Lezyne is one mother of a plunger... so just had to get around fitting my smaller Topeak.

23rd Jul
If Mon is blue then it must be all purple and knotted by Tues.. but it also happened to be the one yr anniversary at our present place. No time to prep or cook... so it was a quick 5min-Sushi-Chip-Express-run @ Central for pack away chow on my trusty old no-one-ever-want-to-steal-market.SS

And what better way to test the bag's versatility.... yup, a tt mount too ;)


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