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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Renthal Strata Duo 50mm

Ever the bar and stem El Cheapo alter ego has been holding out on buying the Renthal Strata Duo for the longest time.

Finally the wait paid off-- scanned the used marketplace today and have a hunch what's on sale would be a lightly/ hardly used piece.

About time too. Nothing really beats my dead solid but dead heavy brontosaurus Titec El Norte, but its really overkill on my EG-lite. Besides the olive-copper hue on the lower half of the Ranthal coordinates really well with the stanchions and dampers on fork, shock and adj post. 75 gram lighter overall to compensate almost all the weight gained from the recent upgrade from the Monarch RT3 to the Vector Air HLR.

damn I really need to get away from this bout or resurrected weenism. Anyway

Weight is pretty spot on to the advertised 143gm

Very nice CNC work and nice bevel edges to relieve stress on bar.
So its still 4 screw mounting and given the design...hmmm
Sure its a little different... and doesn't look as straight forward as you gotta balance both vertical and horizontal pressure to keep things even and not stress out the material. Yea. I'm a little paranoid and perfectionist over such things...

All done and torqued to 5Nm per bolt and gaps feel even enough with my fingers-o--meter.

Measured the clamp width-- 45mm. I've had stem that clamp this much that works well enough but the El Norte at 55mm and Straitline Pinch at 50mm pretty much set the benchmark of what I prefer though.

40mm stack height and a 10 degree rise-- that meant having to slam the stem to get back to my original bar height. Another stickler point of mine. So.. all it leaves is
"to cut or not to cut"
 Nah... if I swap back to my 730 flat bar/70 stem combo-- I'm gonna need all that steerer sitting extra in this configuration....

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