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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pathfinding Gears...

Ok call it new toys show off or whatever... things have changed a bit, decided to go a little more with cutting out sections in little known areas to increase whatever riding mileage there is in little Red Dot.

New endeavours means more stuff needed. God of Providence has been kind so I figured a little retail therapy won't hurt... Right after the Boblbee MT Cargo, I chanced upon something similar yesterday at Beach Road miltary surplus market.

A Mountain Smith waist pouch with shoulder straps. Good cmpartment designs and this one will pretty much put all the stuff I need.

Boblbee MT Cargo  vs MountainSmith TLS Tour

Unlike the Boblbee, this one poses no problem to pack moi big ass pump along with all the other stuff thrown in. Bottles packed on the side leaves the entire main compartment for any bulky stuff if necessary. Of course today was showtime Rajah... First proper test to clear lots of fast overgrowing veg and dead branches after the heavy rain.

This is one meanie to have around. No question about the sharpness. Good weight and very well balanced. Hold it to the rear and flick to slash with the broad front end... butter through all small stuff. With the right technique 3-4 hacks and twist makes quick work on 1-1.5" thick branches. Action is so swift that a couple of time I almost narrowed missed it contacting the bike on the end of an inward stroke.

Despite what is shown in the video demo (and I don't doubt it's capability), this really is still a light hacking blade, albeit really sharp. Best done with a ~30 degree downward hack/slash and let momentum carry through to reap the most from it. Like all nicely balanced kukri and curve blades....just keep eyes to target-- the blade should come thru spot on even if you slash from 3-4 feet away. Did nick a bit of the edge today with a couple of mis-cue perpendicular whacks.

Only thing like many of the blades with coated surface.. it stains really fast.

This's probably better off with a little writeup on its own but since it made it into today's ride, well ....

Mulling on Sun as to why there is no XC lids and a goggle combo... I whip up my DIY contraption. See, I'm no fan of 200 bucks Oakley or Rudy Project shades, never mind about losing 'em all the time. Have been going mostly without for a few years but somedays do miss having especially on wet rides or tight tracks. No fun getting whip lash in the eyes.

Goggles? Figured the usual ones with my full face helmet look weird until remember having picked one up that might just do the job...

Was wondering how to DIY something like the Air Flap to make life easier and not fug up....ooops I mean fog up. Pretty unsophisticated but hell yea... gotta luv cable ties.. and the gog sits nicely against the visor when pushed up. On it stays when not needed. One flick-- and all good to go.

Guess what.. read on Mon in that Bell just came up with just about the same thing you see here for an enduro gog-lid combo!

This is the one but think I like my version better ;)

So with all the gears of the day I thought maybe just once..

Shut up! No its not Naruto inspired nor anything from Shinjuku
weekend fashion district. Totally out of necessity for the day.
Recce another potential descending line. Not much can be seen from here and as usual there isn't much elevation but walking down it looks to be pretty winding and flowy with a bit of drop-ins.. only problem, its all pretty overgrown. Managed to clear ~100ft when 6pm-Mozzie-Kamikaze-Squads say its time to leave.

Left the entrance untouched to avoid unnecessary attention. 5 feet down is where the clearing started today.

Was checking out my original intention to see if there is a way to cut around the rear running along the length of the Bird Base and hopefully clear down to Resevoir-- where I have seen another potential patch that can possibly run all the way to the next industrial area...

No flipping way the Bird People will allow that.... triple reinforced fences. Place is like a frigging minefield. Ok backtrack...

Along the Dune... and what what did I see! Something I thought was probably extinct. Never knew its name but in the 70s... this was one of those things we eat right off the fence. ripened, its orange and sweet. I just call it mini passion fruit. You wont even see it being sold anywhere.. only school kids who actually catch spiders and grasshoppers will know... ;)

While clearing a little later on... sweat was dripping into the eyes and I ALMOST miss seeing this!
Triple ant bomb.. and the nastiest kind was 1 foot directly above where I just about slash down on the branch holding them.. Stepped back just in time. Close call!

At least now I know where the unknown few that keeps getting into my helmet whenever I ride past comes from. No more. Sorry little guys. Go rebuild somewhere.

Stopped for a little chat with one of the regular fishing blokes in the area who just snagged a ~3kg Patin the other day. well looks like this waterway does hold some serious sized fishy. Its been here for almost 30 years and the Tomans (Snakeheads) would be..........HUGE. Heard that there might even be a couple of Gigas arapaima around too!

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