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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY Camping Stove and Bye Lazy Rando

My RSS and stuff has been messy following the demise of  Google Reader. Turned to Feedly to organize  but have not really updated it with all my usual sites of interest...

Today I suddenly remembered the Lazy Rando blog .. well, well one of my favorite bike related blog has "closed shop" too... Its been a good source of information and a great writing style. The word "lazy" in the blog title in my opinion is really apt and in a positive manner too. More of lazy as in laid back... informative soothing style that lacks ego that makes it a joy to read each time. Plus awesome pics too. Thankfully the contents are still gonna be up and pretty sure I will still be clicking on some of the articles again.

Not sure  if its coincidence but somehow many of my favorite biking blogs are from Canada..  Hope my immigration papers will be done and over with soon so I could get back to a country  that has left an indelible mark even 2 decades later...

Anyway what caught my eyes on the blog today was a beer can camping stove. Blogspot won't display Vimeo so here's  the link. 

If you are into all these survival/ camping and prepping stuff going with DIY routes-- it can get pretty crazy.. here's one with a turbo flame using small pipings, alu cans and carbon felt pieces.

Update: 28 Aug
Guess there must be a ton of other YAC ( Yet Another Can) stoves out there but this post from sums up a few good ones. I'm gonna try out the no. 4 this weekend :)

and a rather good article here for all brand spanking new into these

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