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Friday, August 23, 2013

Removing magnet from Gravity Dropper

Once opened up you can see its some really simple mech internals
Was stumped for a few days though, trying to remove the lower  magnet of a pre 2008 Gravity Dropper that otherwise leaves no access to remove the cable.

Apparently newer GDs have been redesigned in this department and do not have this problem. That's all the info available online and no one seems to have a solution to taking out the super strong magnet or maybe no one had the same problem as me... I do get my fair share of stuck-over-no-reason parts.

The suggestion on the site says "Remove the old cable from the mag bar (Item 140). There should be a slot to slide the cable out. Note: Pre- 2008 posts require you to remove lower magnet from mag-bar to remove cable. New mag bars with the cable slot can be ordered from the manufacturer. This makes cable changes much easier."

*ka-ching* and I can hear the cash register goes as I fork out another maybe $50-60 for this "new unit"

No way! Too  un-El Cheapo

Till I remember 'Dodgy' that's mounted on the table. Using a M6 bolt to push as the clamp closes in , it took all of 5 sec, much like my cheapo way of pressing out a bearing using a vice.

Otherwise everything else is pretty much as per the GD's online manual.

Oh -- that ugly accordion thingie to protect the inner shaft... it really isn't necessary. Ditch it and remove part of the dorkiness normally associated with this adj. post.

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