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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hack: Resourceful Recycling

It was one of those frequent trip to the factory again. I have marveled at the people in this isolated spot in Sumatra coming up with things to improve their daily lives. Many are out of necessities as often the case is even having money doesn't mean you have things to buy around here. Apart from a few sundry shops, everything else is a 3 hour ferry ride at the next nearest city of Batam. There are no cars because there are no proper roads. Only bicycles, mostly quite run down and small cc motorbikes/ scooters. Transportation from the plantations are via canals dug  in and around.

Of course as a biker... anything round that turns always catches my attention... Below is probably the 4th - 5th "improved" generation of a cargo/ hauling trike used by one of the local staff to ferry guest's luggage to the rest house whenever we are here. Or whatever necessities to keep the accommodation area running. Here's it's empty water cans, other days its meat and vegetables.

Nothing much unusual except for the crank position which kind of reminds me of some recumbent bikes.

On closer look... the tubings are almost entirely reworked from some of the structures like rackings or railings found from inside the factory.

Only part from a bicycle would be the crank, bb shell and the chain stays which has been cut and resoldered.... look closely-- those are motorbike/ scooter wheels!

Normal bicycle rears running 126-135mm axles will never have been able to fit. Obviously the dropouts have been heavily re-worked too given the bolt size on those wheels. But the best part I think are the "seat-stays"

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Not hard to recognize what those are eh!

No tug nuts to keep things from moving? No problemo... Wedgie Stopper. And yes that would have been a motorbike chain the crank is pulling.

Missed looking at the construction of the front axle while busy snapping these pics.

Well, before leaving this morning, I just couldn't resist trying it out... hmmm how about a 3 yr world tour on one of these?

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