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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Me Am So Fat: Post Ride Thoughts

All clean and dry today... just got back before the thunderstorm... 

So it was the first ride on the "2014-ready" Moonlander with a pair of Bud and Lou and a (non air pressure adjustable :(  27.2 LEV.

Drag-- you bet, on the road but once into the trail all was nice and good...went from a bouncing betty 8 to cushy tushy 5.6 psi today. Figured there wouldn't be much of a pinch flat risk going down to 3.5 on the next "float the roots" ride...

Anyway... on the drive back it struck me that it can be kind of slow, not exactly on the trail, but right from the carpark getting to trailside and out from it back to the car. With a bike like this you get asked "Is it heavy?",
"Is it hard to ride?"
 "Can this bike climb?"and yadda yadda... for a million times today. Nothing puts a smile on my face more than the last question asked at the trailhead and next thing... I turbo blast past them" on the next tech/ rocky climb.

Didn't know why, but I started counting. Ok 37 times to be exact.  I got stopped, slowed or simply answering with my chunky monkey parked against a rail or wall. Never mind those that just kept staring as if the Star Trek Enterprise just landed in front of them.

Each time I offered all who asked to ride it, some decline but some took it and was gone so long, thought I might never see it again...

At the rest point one asked "Isn't this kind of bike what they use for snow" Ok I knew where it was heading.. Got him saddled up and away... the look on his return says "nah it doesn't matter if this is Alaska or sunny tropical Singapore". Yes a fat bike is versatile just about anywhere I can think of.

Personally, something like this basically gets me a "hardtail" , rigid and pretty much a 29er.. ok maybe bigger than a 29er. No I won't part way with my twin EGs... I absolutely love those two but there are days when riding needs to get back to basics and this FATamprphosis just about rolls everything into one from xc cardio rides all the way to urban bobbing and full touring assault with just a few setup changes.

This guy out with his family ran across as soon as 
chunky here was unloaded to ask if he could take pics..
Oh I offered him more than pics... Go spin it dude.

Its totally poisonous, First time meeting him today but I think Tom is now really wavering about whether instead to get his first 29er or a fattie when back in the UK next week. Go FAT and you never go Back!

Since we are at it.... what's more perfect on moon dust terrain on a Moonlander. Besides it means you'll be riding snow which is like 9 months out of a year in Utah huh :) Ok you know who you are reading this.

So is the fat bike slow -- Yes a fat bike is painfully slow only because you have to give a million same replies to the same questions a million time each ride... and for all those that have tried, Told ya, chunky here climbs better than most skinny anorexic rubbered bicycle looking things out there...especially when wet eh.

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