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Monday, October 21, 2013

Bud & Lou 4.8

A run to TR today netted a pair of Bud and Lou 4.8 finally. For the fat uninitiated...its still the fattest and baddest fattie tires "readily" available on the planet today.

Couldn't resist putting up one of the biggest normal mtb tire, Ardent 2.4 beside the 4.8 Bud.
Ok, have to admit I laughed. Really hard

The 3.8 Knard was all stretched out on the 100mm Clownshoe rim like some low profile race car tire.
Just wasn't doing any justice to the Moonlander be it looks or performance wise since it's primarily for offroad usage in my case. Definitely prefer the big knobbed monstrosity now...

Ok... The Lezyne pump look kinda inadequate now... Even on my super high vol Meqix floor pump-- it took a lot more to air the gigantic pair up. Estimate at least 30% increase in volume over the smaller Knards... Can't wait to bring it to the trail this weekend

New tires and and yessssssssssss a 27.2 LEV.. Thought long and hard on this piece of upgrade.

Well... this just about complete my 2014 proofing for the entire off-road quiver . Should be a year of focusing on riding than tinkering coming up... About time.

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