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Thursday, November 14, 2013

X-Fusion: ????? shock

Ramping of up to 9  forks catering to every class of mtb out there.. X Fusion is definitely upping the Game of Boink big time...

Recently been getting "X" stuff so fast, both new and existing -- I don't even have enough time to mount everything and test them out... Ok Ok that's gonna get a lot of people  really hating me for this.

Wait, read on...

And a surprise pic in the mail yesterday just when I thought there couldn't be any more new products lined up....

Whaddaya know! Looks like yours truly is yet again destined to receive the first of some yet to be released boink.... a rear shock this time. With absolutely zero info online. Don't think I should spell out the name. But a couple of sneak pics ouldn't hurt eh!

Was gonna get a regular O2 RCX for the lite EG as the Vector Air HLR felt more at home with DH and gnarlier ride duties. Moreover it felt to be overpowering the lighter and crisp XF 34mm Slant up front.

The main thing was the lack of a stiffened up compression needed for the intended purpose of the light-strike build. Usually I don't bother about this but I want the best out of saddle climbing for the lite EG when the need arise.

So yup the Vector is gonna be mated to the RV1 in big EG and this goes to the smaller EG.

First pic probably looks normal... but that is a pretty fat damper, much like the Vector HLR.
Let's take a look at one pitted against its smaller brethen, the O2 RCX

So there is-
Vector HLR - Fat Damper + Piggy
O2 RCX- Normal Damper No Piggy
Mystery shock - Fat Damper no Piggy

where does it fit in the gazillion categories of MTB these days?

With the rising popularity of Enduros... (and maybe FR) it might just get its very own. Other brands are also talking about "enduro shocks" these days.  Its probably splitting hairs to push for another category with some overlap on where it can be used. The naming and calling it a whatever-class-shock is part marketing for sur, but what I think is that this is also a design to cover the short comings of many a piggy-less air shock out there....

...too stiff with small vol. can and too wallowy with big vol can-- sounds familiar? Yea we have all been down that fiddling road with various PITA shocks...Will this one make the cut and do what it's supposed to do without resorting to expensive aftermarket mods?

Whatever it is,  I'm not complaining, that's for sure... since an actual prototype should be in my grubby paws by next week and the world hasn't even heard much of a toot. Stay Tuned.

I'm sure all of ya are squinting real hard trying to make out the name...
STARE?............ oh yea stare real hard, you just might make it out.

and remember-- you saw this here first ;)

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