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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Been contemplating to sell off the Stanyan lately. But for one reason or another... decided to give it another shot.

Started to look again at various kind of commuting builds and somehow found myself gravitating again and again to pictures that shows porteur racks and bars...

It must have been years ago when I first saw this particular bike from....errr, Ahearnes Cycle ??? With full custom porteur racks which at that time I didn't even know that's what they were called and the coolest tricked out shifters that incorporated wooden beer keg tap!. Can't seem to find that pic again... but the image has been etched into my grey matter all these while.  No, I won't try to replicate the same thing as a respect to both the owner or bike builder.

Original pic is from here
Anyway... I think my Stanyan will probably end up looking closer to something like this. What started as a latent fixation culminating into last week's search for all things with the word "porteur" resulted in my OCD kicking into overdrive this week. Good thing TR Bikes had just what I needed to stop those convulsions.... now all that's needed are wooden fenders, bar tapes and ...hmm I'm still mulling over the necessity of a porteur rack actually.

23.8mm ... VO Porteur bar and SOMA Pursuit in blinkety blink polish silver
15 psi gauge....arhhh... must not forget other bikes in the quiver. This one is for TUFA...

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