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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Smallish things

Leftover parts, redundant features on a bike and old gadgets. Sometimes it seems that certain bits are destined to stay forever in the spare bins.

Well, since the old Sigma cube was given a new lease of life recently on the M-Board, the rather unique seatpost-attachment end was left lying forlornly in a corner. Always find this a neat design over all those usual cheap bulky black holders found on so many other lights

Racking my brain on how to attach the rather old mp3-player on the Stanyan which isn't  exactly the sleekest gadget by today's standard; but it was silver... a match on the bike. Moreover since its working fine, there's no reason to get another.

Most time I just have it slotted into a top tube bag with speaker facing up. With the bike all done up now, a bag would detract from the looks on the headtube area. Besides, there's certainly more than ample storage space on the bike with the rack and Boblee permanently affixed.

Not too difficult when I gathered everything together. The only issue is reaming a M4 bolt through that tiny bit of plastic in the holder meant to take a smaller screw might weaken the area. This will be exacerbated when the bolt is tightened and subjecting the whole contraption to road vibes with the considerable weight of mp3-player bearing down on this small crucial plastic segment.

Most time folks would probably say.. "If it breaks, then get something else to replace it. What's the big deal!"

The big deal is to get it right... however trivial and of little value like this cobbling done here. A problem identified from experience but shrugged off and blindly carrying on just for the sake of completing a job would be pointless and self-defeating in my opinion.Of course it can be easily attributable to my usual pedantic self. But I do think it's the minute accumulation of things learned in life and the after thoughts put into it that makes something better or the ability to apply it in other relevant areas. If suspension folks didn't bother, we would probably still be using those dreaded elastomers today.

Nicely sized spacers on each side ease the pressure of the tightened bolt against the plsstic piece (hopefully I'm right). The rubber o-ring sitting snugly between the mp3-player and the down tube should take care of any knocking from road chatter.

And what's that thicker black spacer?  Rollers taken out from old chains or spare links make great spacers for M4 bolts if you ever need to space things out like this or in eyelets for fenders and racks.

No revolutionary discovery or industry bucking new technology here, just itsy bits and knowledge of how things work and applying what hopefully would hold up while I enjoy the scenery...

Looking good and minimal... let's see if it stands up to the rigor of a 70km ride in the morning.

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