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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Saint M820

I have stayed true and long enough on my waste-not philosophy. Friends are always asking me why am I muttering "mottainai" (もったいない). There is just too much wastage around us these days and as bikers, we are a notorious lot. But during my last trip in Chiang Mai, with the more aggressive setup doing my test on the new X-Fusion RV1 under the relentless 40 degree heat and dust of the dry fiery season.. my 5 year old XT M775 calipers call it quits with the loudest groaning and squealing it can muster on those "free-fall" descent when we were coming down Doi Inthanon and the few usual steep trails back around Doi Suthep.

I was amazed by the few who are running Saints M820... Told myself -- "That's it. New brakes the moment we're back home" Was already on the new triple sandwich Ice tech rotor up front  and certainly it was a lot better than the  Breakin rear disc.

Certainly wasn't cheap... BUT! definitely worth every dollar spent so far... I cut the hoses to fit and had to do a little re-bleeding. Glad I gotten those bleeding cups too. As usual... close off the fine adjustment when squeezing out bubbles. makes life easier that way

As always, Shimano has delivered. No major issue I see whatsoever with these badboy stoppers here. For ease of use, collective maintenance over an entire quiver of bikes  and interchangeability of has been nothing but Shimano brakes and drivetrains for me. Some say I'm too conservative but I would rather think I'm being calculative. On a couple of  occasions I was really glad to have stuck with mineral oil brakes..... halfway down a mountain I hope you never have to experience the same thing like me having to top up and the last you probably want to be fumbling with in those situation with sweat & swear flooding up your goggles is to tinker with DOT fluid.

Yes, for those who don't know -- I'm that cranky paranoid that actually have a bottle of mineral oil and spare rocker bolts up in the mountain with me when I go ride.

 There's a whole supermarket shelf worth of trick looking brakes out there of course. But for me? I prefer reliable consistent quality and brands I can trust.

Won't really be able to test the brakes to full potential until my next holiday.. let's see where I'll be up for 5000ft of descent next ;)

My next wishlist? A Shimano fatbike crank.... something that has been missing in their lineup amidst the fat blubbery wave sweeping across the world now.

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