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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Office EDC

Tinier in real than the already small expectation when held in the hand.
No, not a review but another to be or not to be mulling post... today.  Just for comparative differences to satisfy my curiosity. A S35VN CR Mnandi vs a no name Chinese S35VN.

Both are similarly sharp but No-Name can use some honing once I have time to doodle.

Smoothness, detailing and general aesthetics -- No contest, the Mnandi wins hands down.
Size wise goes to No-Name. It's really takes a bit of deft to get the CR with one hand to open even with the silky smoothness.

Hard to decide what's better when in office wear...

Really wasn't contemplating on a change from my 2 decade old flea market EDC. Especially after re-profiling to 18 degrees making it more like a penknife and suited to the everyday office tasks as one would most likely encounter.. Yup yup yup.. bland actions of opening envelopes and sample boxes. Of course it work well too on those hurriedly shaved mornings only to realize I have a meeting with someone later on. Perfect for grooming ;) Only problem was how everyone gives me that funny look when this beat up piece transit from pocket to hand...

Wish I was back in tees and bermudas working on a farm. No. screw office jobs, attires and shaving.. I wanna be back out there in the wild.

Come to think of it-- this cheapo EDC was also gotten out of necessity to change to something more acceptable or at least won't get me into trouble when I went back to civilian life... Ahhh another nostalgic moment of times in uniform when I was dancing with a balisong and Emmie.

Time changes, guess tools too.

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